Turn The Page For Good

Hello my Ambition Freaks! I have been away for a couple of weeks and been dealing with craziness in my work life but I wanted to check back in with a message about turning the page in your book for good. Many of you may know what I am referring to when I say turning the page but in case you don’t, let me give you some examples. In an earlier post I wrote about letting go of toxic people in your life. I had turned the page on some toxic individuals in my life who had only brought me pain and heart break through verbal and mental abuse. Unfortunately, one of those individuals is a very close relative. I had built a great life without their involvement over the last 5 years and through the course of some events in my life, they came back in. I had hoped that time had changed them and we could once again enjoy ourselves as family. However, I was quickly reminded that some individuals never change. Especially a narcissist. The world revolves around them and it’s always about them. The kicker is that even if they mess up and hurt you they find a way to blame you for it. Suddenly, in one quick conversation I found myself feeling like an abandoned 5 year old little girl who used to suffer from her father’s beatings, her mother’s lack of affection and her brother’s insults. I read the words on a text that said that I was no big loss. Ouch!The truth is, I am relieved! Although being told nasty things by anyone is never a pleasant experience, I am human after all, I knew that this day would eventually come as I felt it in every inch of my being. As soon as this person came back into my life I was surrounded by a cloud of negativity which even impacted my mental health. This experience helped me remember that I need to turn the page for good. We often tell oursleves that we need certain people in our lives in order to feel complete but the truth is, we only need oursleves. Only those who truly appreciate and love us will help us see how amazing we are as individuals instead of pointing out every flaw or creating them in order to make themselves feel better.The most important lesson that I have learned is that people who have bad intensions or harbor negative feelings as a result of their own failures, will always find a way to belittle, offend, or step on those they cannot mesure up to in order to make themselves feel better.How many of us have that family member or friend that always points out how you think you are better than others because of the house you have, the level of education you have, or the job title you have earned for no aparent reason? Don’t stress it. Those comments say more about their insecurities than it does about you. Of course, make sure you are not being a jerk and staying humble so you don’t give people a reason to speak negatively. Otherwise, insecure and people who fail at life tend to feel the need to step on others in order to make themselves feel better. So just make sure to keep in mind, turn the page for good. Make sure to reference back to the thought that if it does not bring positive energy in your life, it has no place in your life. Don’t feel bad about being selfish with difficult decisions. TAKE CARE OF YOU!

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