The Journey Begins

Welcome to Ambition Freak!

I’m extremely excited to start on this journey with you guys and look forward to not only sharing what I have learned throughout my 43 years but also to provide some encouragement and inspiration to my fellow ambition junkies. My goal is to provide you with some encouragement to go for your dreams and block out the negative thoughts which hold us back.

In this blog I encourage you all to share your ideas, challenges, and frustrations that keep you from achieving your goals. Together we will become a motivational community which celebrates the accomplishments of it’s fellow ambition junkies.

I am no expert at life and am still fumbling my way through but have learned to overcome a great deal of adversity, sorrow, neglect, abuse, and several other displeasing challenges which I am sure you can all relate to.

However, despite all of this, I have been able to come out on top with courage and determination. Excited to see what the future holds and what great possibilities wait ahead. You may ask why “Ambition Freak”? It’s simple, I am an ambitious person. Ambition means a great many things to many people but to me the word AMBITION defines who I am.


This has been what has driven me throughout all of life’s speed bumps and as I go down this path with you I find myself digging deeper into its meaning for further enlightenment.

So WELCOME to Ambition Freak……….Let the inspiration begin!

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