Are You In For A Transformation?

Greetings friends! I have been away for some time and need to be honest, I have been living in misery! As is the case for many of us, COVID has impacted us in so many ways and continues to do so. The truth is, life as we knew it will never be the same. We keep hearing about the “new normal” and quite honestly, it can be scary. Just to catch you up on a few things, during the last 90 days, I worked with few days off, had to learn to juggle homeschooling two kids, helped manage teams in my company through COVID scares, and all the while tried to carry on a relationship while making sure that I kept up the façade that I had it all together. Oh and to add to it, the negativity and hate which is surrounding our country right now is down right frightening. How did I do? Well, my daughter successfully graduated high school with amazing results (proud mom here), my son is moving on to the 4th grade, the house is clean, the dogs are alive, bills are paid, but…..there’s always a but, I am not doing so great. My relationship seems to be falling apart, I find myself unemployed (thanks COVID) and challenge myself every day to get out of bed and keep moving forward. Why am I sharing my sad story? Well because I know that many of you are in the same boat. I know that many of you have been thrust into a situation which we had no training for, no warning, no books are written about this, there is no self help manual for this and if you are like me, you feel alone and broken. I am here to tell you that this is not the case!

Although, I have my own negative thoughts which I struggle with every day, I know in my heart that this is not the case. It is much easier to believe the bad than to believe in what could be and the amazing possibilities of what may come. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there is something major headed my way. It will be painful and it will require sacrifice but the feeling of transformation surrounds me. I feel tingles when I speak about it and think it. There’s a certain energy to it. But what does that mean? It’s different for all of us. See in my case I have realized that I have been holding myself back from many of my own dreams as a result of being a prisoner to my salary. Although I am grateful for the opportunities which my prior employer provided me and I would be a total jerk if I did not say that in the end they did take care of me, I was imprisoned by the corporate structure unable to truly meet my potential. Before you lynch me, I am not saying that corporate structure is bad, I love it as a matter of fact. Structure is good, but I had to swim in my lane and lately my creative drive is to do belly flops all over the pool (sorry for the cheesy pun). I take pleasure in helping people and feel that I am really good at it. I enjoy motivating people to become a better version of themselves. I love talking people through their communication to get a better result. I love inspiring others by telling my story. I feel it comes natural to me and feel the need to spread some positivity in a world filled with so much hate and negativity.

All of those things have had to take a back seat to my “day job” lately as the days have been filled with the structured routines which are required to do my job. That’s ok but I need more. So I ask you, are you feeling the same thing? Have you been thinking about what else can you be doing or should you be doing? The way I see it, we are in an exciting time to reinvent and transform who we are. We have a unique opportunity right now to seek out new ideas and put them to work. Think it and own it! I have been doing some manifestation work and although some people are skeptical about this, I will tell you that there is truth to this. Think it and own it and it will be yours. Thoughts turn to actions and actions into results. So what is that thought that you wish you could manifest for yourself? What would you do differently? What opportunity do you see out there that you wish you could take part in? What’s the plan? What does it look like? How do you see yourself in carrying out that plan?

If not in a career change, think about the relationships around you. What do you not like about the relationships around you? During these tough situations, people’s true character comes out. Who has been there for you during the last 90 days? How has your relationship been impacted during this time? What have been some realizations which you have had to face head on during the last 90 days which may have been hidden? What would you change about them? Is your partner not supporting you the way you need? And I don’t mean financially but emotionally. Do you long for someone to tell you they have your back and keep coming up short? Then maybe that is a wake up call to redefine what your relationships should look like. Are you the one that always serves as the glue in your group of friends or family? What happens when you need the same in return and don’t receive it. I can answer that, you spiral into doubt, self-loathing, and negative self talk. You resent them for not reciprocating what you put out. In reality, it is our own fault for expecting it. It is our own fault for again becoming prisoner to our expectations.

The moral of the story here is, take this time to as a sign of transformation. Our country and society is going through a transformation and the toughest is yet to come. Will you be caught stagnant during through these changes? Will you be ready for the next big change? Will you have a plan B if things go bad? I encourage you all to make a list of what you would want to accomplish and write it out. Write out what it feels like, what is looks like, are you making money doing it, does it feel fulfilling? If that feeling does come to you when you think about it, then it’s time for a change and now is your chance to seize it. Happy reading my Ambition Freaks!

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