What Happens Next?

We are currently living through some challenging and scary times. Not only are we battling a virus pandemic which is a scenario that only previously played out in movies, but we are also facing a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future. Many of us are scared of losing our jobs and being able to support our families while others are already in the situation and have had to close down shop because their business cannot afford to stay closed during the quarantine times or if you are in a mandated area, the shut down period. Some of us, like myself are also living through the fear of this virus catching up to us and harming our kids or loved ones. Is this what Sandra Bullock felt like in Bird Box? I wonder? But seriously, this last week has felt like something has been chasing us as we stay glued to the news and through this media see this virus expand its grasp on people across our beautiful country and the impact it has had on others.

But in reality, getting sick is not what scares me the most. I truly feel that if I or either one of my kids were to get sick, we would recover. It would truly be awful but logically, the cure rate is high for my age and health standing and the impact on children has been low although my kids barely get sick. However, what does scare me and quite honestly has been my reason for poor sleep the last several nights is the thought of, what happens next? What happens if I do lose my job or my significant other loses his? What if my ex-husband loses his job? (before you ask, yes I do care. He’s the father of children people) What do I do for income? What do I do for work? Do I backtrack? Will I be able to find something that will pay me my current salary? Will I have to sell my house? The list goes on and on…..

The truth is, none of that can happen. Life can go on back to normal and we can all be fortunate enough to go back to our normal lives. What frightens me from that idea is the notion that we went through all of this but did not learn anything. I feel that this is a level setting experience for everyone. I feel that this is great opportunity for all of us to evaluate our current situations and take action. We need to start thinking about clean starts. This could be in the form of new habits, new creations, or new thoughts. If we learned anything from 2008, we can agree that in hind sight we all should have invested in stocks back then and life would more than likely be very different for all of us today. I will admit I should have taken a few thousand dollars and invested them but I did not know enough of the rebound of a market after suffering an economic crisis. Many new businesses emerged as a result of that time. Many online platforms emerged as the “new normal” was innovative.

So if you ask yourself, ‘now what happens’, take a look at the history similar economic crisis situations and see what emerged from those times. This one is different but only because we have never experienced something like this at least not in the last 50 years but we have to start planning for what the future will look like. So what would that look like for you? If you had to start all over again, what would you do? What would you do differently? What problem could you solve in the near future which you could make a career of? What if things level out? What would you do differntly here on out? Would you save more money? Would you have invested in something to bring you passive secured income? Would you find a way to live a less costly lifestyle? All of these questions may be floating around in your mind and it would be absolutely normal. This time is frightening and serves as a good wake up call for many of us to really understand that we are on the brink of either a breakthrough or destruction. Which side do you want to be on?

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