No Shame in being HUMAN

Hello my Ambition Freaks! I have been away for a while as life has taken over with a rollercoaster ride of emotions and challenges. Some have been normal everyday challenges that we experience as parents or working professionals and are expected while others have have really taken and emotional toll on me. Nevertheless, as I have always done, I licked my wounds and kept moving forward.

As we know, almost everything has a breaking point. I experienced that point last week as a result of other people’s actions. However, I walked away knowing that there is opportunity for me to handle things differently. I take it, own it, and move on. That does not mean that I am not human and not allowed to lose my sh*t from time to time. The truth is I did just that and although in hind sight I probably could have benefitted from taking a 10 second break and thinking things through, I ended up feeling like I was shamed for being human.

No one should ever be made to feel as though they should be ashamed for being human and having a reaction to something that either jabs at your core as an individual or questions your integrity. I’m sure that each of us have our own reasons to feel justified in our “human moments” but never should we feel ashamed for feeling overwhelmed. Never should we feel ashamed for not being able to take a call or asking for a time out from the world because it has just become too much that day. Never should we feel like we have to be ashamed because you are just too tired and mentally drained to hear about someone else’s issues. Never should we feel ashamed for taking a break from the kids or our significant other. Had I done that and cared for myself a little better, I probably wouldn’t have been in a better mental space to deal with what came my way. However, as I am sure many of you do, I just kept taking on more and more and more.

What we should be ashamed of is taking it out on others and wanting to project our pain on those around us. That’s just spreading negativity and the world does not need more of that. Instead, we need to practice more self care. We need to learn to swim in our own lane and stop trying to solve everyone else’s problems. Sometimes we need to let other fall to learn certain lesson allbeit painful and difficult to watch. Just understand that you cannot become the best version of yourself carrying the weight of others around and expect to not crack at some point.

A good friend of mine (you know who you are) told me that my passion is what makes me successful but it’s also what bring me challenges. I think many of us can relate to that and understand the desire to want to conquer the world. The desire to soar through every difficult situation. The desire to easily uplift and influence others to help us achieve our goals. However, that is not realistic and we need to not only be patient with life’s challenges, we must be patient with oursleves and give thought to how our reactions can potentially distance us from our overall goals and ambitions. So be patient my friends, be human, but be conscientious of your actions and reactions to ensure you are breeding positivity and growth.

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