Perspective and Reality Checks

Hello my Ambition Freaks. This post was inspired by a series of bad situations which all occurred this over the last several days. Like in most caes in my life, something good has come from this bad situation. I can’t dwell on the bad and won’t allow myself to. All we have to do is look and understand with the proper perspective. In short, I felt like I got my teeth kicked in all week. I found myself being challenged and poorly treated by several individuals at work and in my personal life. However, although I allowed myself to have a pitty party for one day, I have moved on. I realized that this is just one bad week in about more than 2000 that are left to live. Therefore, if I have learned anything in life it is to not allow one bad situation dictate my future. Regardless, it did leave me thinking and longing for continued change. I realized that this is just a bump in the road and one of those lessons that I mention in my prior posts which help teach and guide me. And guide me it did.

As with most of my life experiences over the last couple of years, I ended up having a moment of clarity once I was done licking my wounds from the week’s events. I was in conversation with someone and started discussing the most random topic pertaining to sewing. This topic evolved to me reminicing of times when my mother would sew and do alterations for my teachers just to help make ends meet. That led to me remembering when I used to join her for her sewing classes at the local community college when I was about 9 years old (it was summer and there was no money for camp or a babysitter so off to college I went with mom). Let me pause here and say that it was not until this conversation that I realized that my mom was in her early 50’s when she decided to go to school to learn a trade to keep her family afloat. 100% hustler! I remembered going through her fabric scraps and making scrunchies for the girls at school. I would sell them for $1. It was the 80’s people…..come one, what was cooler than a big florescent orange scrunchy?

As the conversation continued, I was triggered to remember that as I got a bit older I would make cookies and sell them in school. I would also buy candy bars from my local grocery store and sell them for $.50. At a cost of 3/$1.00, I was making a decent profit margin. I knew it was a good decision and was able to make about $100 a month in school to help cover my personal expenses and was less of a burden on my mom and I would help her out too. Add to that the occasional tutoring and babysitting jobs and I was making some decent change for an early teen. I had no notion of what an entrepreneur was nor did I know that this was something that I could harness. However, as often happens with life’s plans, I took a different route. Started working at a gas station when I was 15 and let me tell you that nothing matures you up faster than having the local neighborhood drunk come in and tell you that you are an “ugly pig face” just because the store ran out of his favorite beer. That was pretty much my weekend throughout my high school experience. Ahhhhh….good times.

Regardless, the gas station job turned to a swim instructor at the local YMCA which then turned to a part time cashier gig in retail and before I was 21 years old I was a manager making enough to support myself and my mom alone. She never had to work again and all of a sudden I had a 65 year daughter. Nevertheless, I always felt like I was running towards nothing or away from something. It’s not until now and really over the last year that I realized I am supposed to be doing something else to harness that entrepreneurial spirit in me. It’s a work in progress as any entrepreneur will tell you. Over the last year I have made some investments in some projects and as with any project I am in the fine tuning stage. It’s not easy, it’s stressful, it’s exhausting, but so satisfying to know that I am building something myself. Each set back is a lesson. Each challenge is an opportunity to do it better. With each lesson I have gained so much knowledge in this process and it has started my gears running. So the moral of the story is, don’t get discouraged when you have bad situations come up. Allow them to redirect you to what your heart is calling for. Pay attention to these lessons. Many of us are afraid of following our ambitions because we are afraid of failure and criticism. Instead we should relish that stuff and build on it so we can follow through and achieve our goals. Happy harnessing my Ambition Freaks.

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